Take the Bike Commuter Challenge! Sign up as an individual or as a team and ride your bicycle to work from June 13 to 20. Group together with people from your office and compete against other businesses for glory and bragging rights!

This is an official Active Transportation Alliance event. ATA is a Chicago based non-profit dedicated to improve conditions for cycling, walking, and public transportation. Check out their website, as well as the Bike Commuter Challenge, and get involved!

Welcome to our new website!  We’re opting for a much simpler approach than our last website had, we hope you like it!

Our new site will be focused on information sharing rather than selling product.  Expect to see product write ups, pictures, videos, and simplified buying guides and recommendations based on our staff’s combined experience.

There are still a few updates coming to appearance and content, but feel free to give us a call if something isn’t clear or you have a question we don’t answer on this site.