Our History

GoodSpeed: The Story Behind The Name

GoodSpeed Cycles opened in May of 2010, following the acquisition of Byron’s Bike Shop by a former employee, Graham Bolkema.  The Bolkema family acquired the store not long after a family tragedy: Graham’s father had recently been hit and killed while riding his bicycle. While this was a tough time, the family decided not only to purchase the shop but also to name it for the sentiment that brought the family to love bikes in the first place.

The name GoodSpeed is an abbreviation of the idea that a bicycle is the ideal form of transportation from which to experience the world.  Walking is too slow and driving is too fast.  Bicycles allow us to travel great distances but not so quickly that we miss the sights and sounds along the way.  Graham’s father not only passed his love for bicycles on to his children but also the idea that the bicycle should play an integral part in our worldview.

Our mission at GoodSpeed is to help our customers realize the positive role bicycles can play in their lives.  Bicycles aren’t just exercise equipment, toys, or hobbies. When you connect with cycling, riding a bike becomes special.  While it means different things to different people, cycling becomes a valuable part of our lives.